cylindrical grinding machine

Cylindrical Grinding Machine Studer S33

The Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine Studer S33: machining performance and versatility

The universal cylindrical grinding machine Studer S33 is a technological jewel, designed to meet the most demanding requirements for the machining of small to large workpieces, in single units or small and large manufacturing runs. Thanks to its features and its Granitan® S103 frame, this machine guarantees extreme precision, intuitive operation and optimum efficiency for professionals.

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Obtain uncompromising performance with the S33 grinding machine

The S33 cylindrical grinding machine offers great flexibility, with distances between centres of 400 mm, 650 mm, 1,000 mm and 1,600 mm, as well as a centre height of 175 mm. This versatility enables it to adapt to a wide range of workpieces, as well as to machining workpieces weighing up to 150 kg. Thanks to the new grinding headstock with two electro-spindles, the transition between grinding between centres and live grinding is particularly rapid, enabling even the most complex workpieces to be machined in a single clamping.

An intuitive, user-friendly interface

Equipped with the C.O.R.E. operating system, the grinding machine Studer S33 launches your production into the digital future. Its user-friendly, intuitive StuderWIN interface makes it easy to program the machine securely and operate it efficiently. Each user can configure their interface individually, so preventing errors and increasing the programming efficiency and quality. Furthermore, the direct access to UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ products enables you to benefit from simple and seamless operations, offering an authentic revolution in efficiency and ease of use.

The Granitan® S103 frame: a solid foundation for impeccable results

The Granitan® S103 machine frame, manufactured to the company’s own concept, offers excellent damping properties, ensuring that the surfaces of ground parts are of outstanding quality. This feature also helps to extend the lifecycle of the grinding wheel, reducing downtime for maintenance. Additionally, the thermal characteristics of Granitan® effectively compensate for short-term temperature variations, ensuring dimensional stability throughout the day.

The StuderGuide® guide systems for the cross and longitudinal slides, directly moulded into the Granitan® machine frame, provide exceptional precision and optimal damping, ensuring flawless grinding results.

Advantages of the S33 Grinding Machine

Studer’s S33 offers numerous advantages:

  • Short machining times thanks to integral machining
  • Extreme precision thanks to the perfect interaction between hardware and software
  • Intuitive, efficient operation for increased productivity
  • Easy access to important information on the panel, therefore facilitating production monitoring
  • Reduced programming effort thanks to the optimised data exchange between C.O.R.E. machines.
  • The use of UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ products directly on the machine, ensuring a modern, networked operation
  • Swift support thanks to the direct interaction with UNITED GRINDING’s Customer Care team on the machine
  • Targeted measures to reduce energy consumption for an ecological approach
  • Ergonomic design with large sliding doors and three service doors for easy access.

In summary, the universal cylindrical grinding machine Studer S33 is the ideal choice for demanding professionals requiring performance, versatility and intuitive operation. Thanks to its Granitan® S103 frame and C.O.R.E. PANEL interface, this machine offers precise grinding results while being prepared for the digital future. Opt for the S33 and guide your production into a new era of efficiency and performance.