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Studer Internal Grinding Machines

The Studer internal grinding machines provide precision and performance to meet your needs

STUDER’s universal CNC internal cylindrical grinding machines are the optimum solution for a wide range of internal cylindrical grinding tasks. Whether you are working on flanges, spindle shafts, spindle housings, rotor shafts, bushings or other components, STUDER grinding machines are designed to meet your needs with exceptional precision. In this article, we explore the features and benefits of STUDER internal cylindrical grinding machines.

Studer internal grinding machines: a heritage

Since the first internal cylindrical grinding machine was launched in 1933, STUDER has evolved to offer an exceptional range of 12 machines, probably one of the world´s largest in the field of internal cylindrical grinding. Our commitment to quality, performance and innovation is reflected in every machine designed to meet a multitude of applications.

Versatile, precise internal grinding machines

Regardless of the complexity of your internal cylindrical grinding task, STUDER’s universal internal cylindrical grinding machines are prepared to face the challenge

Models such as the S121, S131, S141, S145 and S151 offer a solution for every application. The S121, for example, is a cost-effective machine for the internal, face and external grinding of chuck parts, while the S131, S141, S145 and S151 offer optimum precision and efficiency for applications requiring superior quality, such as spindle shafts, spindle housings, bushings and much more.

CNC Internal Grinding Machine Studer S145
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Efficient production

STUDER offers CNC production internal cylindrical grinding machines for both small and large manufacturing runs applications. The S110, with its increased flexibility and compactness, is ideal for medium-sized parts and small manufacturing runs. The S122, on the other hand, specialises in small bores and offers a rotation diameter of 220 mm. These machines can be configured according to your specific requirements, so contributing to the increase in your productivity. Moreover, they allow for internal and external grinding in a single clamping, which in turn enhances the overall efficiency of your processes.

Precise radii

The STUDER CNC radius internal cylindrical grinding machines are designed for demanding tasks requiring high precision, such as grinding radii, spheres, cones and diameters. The S121, S131 and S141 models are experts in machining complex parts made of industrial ceramics, sapphire and carbide, which are used, in particular, in the production of human implants. With a usable swing diameter of 400 mm and advanced interpolation machining features, these machines are perfect for applications requiring extreme precision.


The STUDER universal internal cylindrical grinding machines represent the benchmark for precision and performance in internal cylindrical grinding. Regardless of the complexity of your task, whether it’s for industrial or medical components, STUDER machines are designed to deliver precise and reliable results. With a comprehensive portfolio and an 85-year history of excellence, STUDER continues as a leader in the field of internal cylindrical grinding