Reference: 2190130


Manufacturing originDE
Netweight500 kg
Dimensions1100x800x1760 mm
Custom position


Dimensional capacities :
Flanging surface of tool-holder carriage500x180 mm
Max diameter between tools :
Tailstocks on tool-holder carriage238 mm
Tailstocks with arm-support on tool-holder carriage338 mm
Universal dividing attachment and tailstocks with
arm-upport on tool-holder carriage338 mm
Max diameter of tools in the air into the universal
dividing attachment620 mm
Max length of tools between centres :
Tailstocks on tool-holding carriage380 mm
Tailstocks with arm-support on tool-holding carriage940 mm
Universal dividing attachment and tailstock with arm-
support on tool-holding carriage530 mm
T-sluts of machine’s base12 mm
T-sluts of sharpening-head, tool-holding carriage
and complementary equipments8 mm
Operational capacities
Travels : tool-holding carriage190 mm
Tool-holding carriage in helicoidal sharpening190 mm
Transverse travel of tool-holding carriage100 mm
Vertical travel of sharpening-head325 mm
Axial travel of grinding-wheel holding carriage5 mm
Rough travels : whole tool-holder220 mm
Head-holding stand800 mm
Universal dividing attachment on tool-holder330 mm
Rotation ranges : head-holder stand360°
Sharpening head360°
Whole tool-holder360°
Grinding-wheel-holding spindle :
Motor c.t., commutable0,7 / 0,85 kW
Spindle-speeds4000 / 8000 rpm
Motor c.c., in continuous variation1,3 kW
Spindle-speed2000 up to 10000
Max dia. of grinding-wheels125 mm
Max dia. of hack-wheels200 mm
errors and omissions excepted-data given without obligation


- 1 universal dividing attachment CSA40 with drawbar S20x2 and disc with 4 ratchets ref 2555201
- 1 driving motor 100-1000 min-1 steplessly adjustable ref 2667000
- 1 reduction sleeve CSA40/L20
- 1 set of 23 collets L20 for dividers
- 1 set of 5 collets CSA 40
- 1 set of drawbar ref 256…
- 1 set of 11 dividing discs from 13 to 23 ratchets ref 2559302
- 1 opto-electronical measuring device with microscope ref 265012
- 1 relieving and helicoidal grinding device ref 258000
- 1 halogen lighting 12V 20W ref 26412000
- 1 set fo 28 wheel fittings
- 1 set of various wheels
- 1 wheel extracting key
- 1 cabinet with 5 drawers
- 1 aspiration unit CFM

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